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Day 39:  “Follow Me!”

Day 39: “Follow Me!”

The old saying bears repeating: God’s grace is free, but it costs us everything.

Many of us seem to want just enough grace to “get by.” Not enough to make us uncomfortable. Not enough to ruin our plans or make us change our ways. Just enough to get by day to day without major crises or scandalous sins.

Yet we must consider the extravagant price Jesus paid to make God’s grace available to us. He did not suffer unspeakable torments so that we could be comfortably selfish. He did not die a horrible death so that we could live a life wasted in petty pursuits. He did not vanquish the Devil in cosmic combat so that we could be free to do whatever we please.

No. Jesus, “the Pioneer of [our] salvation,” suffered all this so He could bring us into the eternal glory of God the Father as true sons and daughters. As John writes, the destiny He intends for us is nothing less than to “be like Him” when at last we “see Him as He is. And everyone who thus hopes in Him purifies Himself as He is pure” (1 John 3:2–3).

Grace costs us everything, but in the end it makes us whole. In this light, Maria’s vision warns us against notions of cheap grace and calls us to embrace the Cross.

And so we pray, Lord, teach me to take up my cross daily… and follow You wherever you lead me.

From the Visions of Venerable Mary of Agreda

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