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Day 35:  All Is Now Finished

Day 35: All Is Now Finished

Before Jesus gave up His spirit to the Father, He cried out two brief declarations: “I thirst” and “It is finished.” Though we may not easily see the relation between them, St. John hints at their inner unity. Only when Our Lord knew “that all was now finished,” the evangelist writes, was He able to declare “I thirst.” He then received the vinegar, and pronounced the consummation of His life’s work.

Maria explored this mysterious connection by unfolding the depths of these two statements. Christ’s most profound thirst, she said, was His passionate longing for the salvation of the human race. In this moment, the pinnacle of His earthly mission, His thirst for souls, had become unbearable. Though only hours before He had prayed that this cup might pass, now He cried aloud one last time so that He might be able to drink it to the dregs.

He did indeed drink it, and at last He was satisfied. In “I thirst,” we hear the groan of divine desire; and in “It is finished,” a cry of desire fulfilled.

Lord, we pray, let ours soul be like drops in the cup that quenches Your thirst.

From the Visions of Venerable Mary of Agreda

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