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Day 34:  “Why Have Your Forsaken Me?”

Day 34: “Why Have Your Forsaken Me?”

Jesus’ cry from the cross that God had forsaken Him should perplex us. How is it possible that God the Father could have abandoned God the Son? Could such a rift actually tear through the heart of the Blessed Trinity?

We may never enter fully into the tremendous mystery presented here. But we should note that He was crying out the words of a Psalm whose several details had prophesied His death (Psalm 22). Some have speculated that, since Christ bore our sins in that moment, a perfectly holy God turned His face away as part of the punishment Jesus suffered in our place. Others have insisted that the Father was always present; but in His agony, Jesus in His human nature had lost His awareness of that Presence.

Along with many interpreters since ancient times, Anne Catherine Emmerich envisions yet another possibility. Christ, she said, was speaking on behalf of all those who in their hour of death are tempted to despair. He has walked the way before them, borne their desperate hopelessness, and earned for them a sure and certain hope.

So let us remember, now, as in our hour of death, that we must place complete trust in Christ, who has walked the very same path we all must walk. Let us cling to him when the end draws near, so that we will not fall into despair.

From the Visions of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

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