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Day 15: St. Peter’s Denial

After Judas’ betrayal, the story of St. Peter’s denial is the most bitter episode recorded in the Gospels. In some ways, Peter’s actions are even more difficult for us to swallow since they seem more out of character than those…

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Day 14: Jesus Models the Beatitudes

The physical abuse of Our Lord began in earnest once He was brought to the house of the high priest. Perhaps some of those present in the crowd had heard Him preach the Beatitudes. Perhaps they had scoffed, protesting that…

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Day 13: The Interrogation by Annas

Jesus’ first interrogation was by Annas, who demanded to know what He had taught. Instead, Our Lord suggested that Annas interrogate the people who had heard His preaching. After all, witnesses were abundant. No doubt His enemies would get right…

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Day 12: The Lamb Led to Slaughter

The most riveting characteristic of the visions of Anne Catherine Emmeric and Maria of Agreda is their vivid detail. Facial expressions, furnishings, ambient noises, the landscape—nothing escapes their penetrating mystical senses. We can feel for ourselves a little something of…

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Day 11: Bearing His Reproach

After His arrest, we hear the ceaseless taunts of those who took pleasure in His humiliation. Insults and indignities, sarcasm and slander, blasphemy and mockery—a relentless chorus of abuse screeched throughout the night. The next day, as He hung on…

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